Communication is essential and it is important for information to be communicated to parent/guardians. It is your responsibility to ensure the Communication Chair has your most current and available email address and cell phone number.  We will be utilizing email, Team Reach, Facebook and out website for all your information needs.


  • if you are unhappy, requite and explanation
  • have concerns/questions regarding another student, class situation, an executive member, a dance parent or dance instructor/helper.

Team Reach:

  • information that needs to get out ASAP
  • need someone to bring something for competition
  • dances cancelled


  • advertising of things coming up: ie: pool party, clothing sale, windup, summer camps related to dance
  • reminders: ie: fees past due
  • yearly class schedule
  • recognizing graduating dancers
  • costume drop offs
  • important information regarding recital,
  • changes in schedule
  • reminders to go sign up on websites
  • post awards received from competitions
  • information about competitions(ready times, what to expect)
  • meeting reminders, etc…


  • Handbook
  • Constitution
  • Booking of studios- solo/duet practice
  • Year at a glance calendar
  • Meeting minutes (posted after approved)
  • Yearly schedule
  • Attire
  • Makeup tutorial
  • Tights and hair information
  • How to measure for costumes
  • Executive roles and responsibilities
  • Registration
  • Meet the instructor
  • Contact WSOD executive

You may wish to keep a binder with hard copies of information pertinent to your dancer(s).