Competitions are mandatory with exception of Leaps and Giggles.  Competition offers an opportunity for dancers to recognize and acknowledge other dancers, teachers and choreography.  Students involved in competition are learning from others while challenging themselves, this provides a valuable experience.  To discuss possible festival or competition entries and choreography fees, please contact your instructor.

Competitions: Our club usually attends 3-4 competitions each year.  Competitions take place between March and May. You must make your own travel arrangements, and you are responsible for your own travel and accommodation costs.  Competition entry fees are approximately $20-$50 per dance per competition. 

NOTE: dancer tights must be clean and in good condition for competition.  It is recommended that each dancer have an extra pair of tights in the event of tears or dirt.  Mondor Tights are required for any and all competitions and cost approximately $14-$18 per pair.