Our school operates on an eight (8) month term. Payment of fees will be accepted after the scheduled two-week trial period. Fees can be paid in cash, cheque, or via Credit Union Bill Payment system.

There are 3 methods of payments:

  • 8 post-dated cheques or bill payments (dated/paid the first of each month from September to April)
  • 2 post-dated cheques or bill payments (dated/paid September 1st & January 1st)
  • 1 cheque, bill payment or cash sum for the full amount upon completion of two-week trial period
  • Bill payment option for Credit Union members only.

All cheques are to be made out to the Wynyard School of Dance

Outstanding fees will necessitate the suspension of a child from attending dance class as per Wynyard School of Dance Constitution.  There is a $25.00 fee for NSF cheques in addition to bank charges.  If personal financial difficulties should arise during the year, arrangements can be made to meet with the executive to work out an alternate method of payment.
Each dancer is required to submit a $45.00 costume fee for each class where a costume will be provided by the club.
Each dancer is required to submit a $30.00 registration/cleaning fee with registration. This is non-refundable.
NOTE: Competition Fees will be billed separately once competition entries have been completed and are due upon receipt. Competition fees are non-refundable.