DANCE EXAMS – optional

The cost of entering children in examinations varies according to age of student and exam taken.  The exam fee for each discipline and level being offered is listed on the registration form.  This fee includes the exam class and mock exam feeAn additional exam fee will be charged at a later date for the actual exam.  Testing is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Entry into examinations will be solely at the discretion of the teacher.  Although it is usually possible to make an educated judgment prior to the closing date for receipt of entries for a particular examination session, sometimes circumstances change which can affect the decision, after the closing date.  For example: habitual non-attendance in class (for all or some of the class time) would fall in this category of re-visiting the original decision. If a situation arises where an instructor’s decision has changed, a meeting will be set up between the student, parent, teacher and executive to review.

Exam Classes for 2023-2024 include:
NOTE: Due to the high number of students in classes, we will no longer be offering exam instruction in regular class time. Parents of students who Miss Keaira feels are ready for exams will be contacted in AUGUST.

Primary Jazz (Level1&2)
Grade 1 Jazz (Level 3)
Grade 2 Jazz (Level 4)
Grade 3 Jazz (Senior)

Attire for Tap Exam classes:
Tap:  black bodysuit and beige tights. NO shorts Your instructor will provide further details regarding attire for exams.

NOTE: If your child is an exam student and chooses to participate in a solo/duet/trio/small group, it is recommended that practice for solo/duets occurs AFTER the completion of examinations.  Successful examinations come only with focused individual practice on exam material.  Solo/duet practice and polishing should occur AFTER exams are completed.