Please see that your child arrives before class time and is picked up promptly at the end of each class.  Children should not be left unattended.  For younger students we highly recommend you supervise your child right until the point at which they enter the actual studio space for their class.  We ask that you supervise younger children in the bathrooms as well, and ensure toilets are properly flushed.

All dancers and family members of dancers must be respectful of shared facility space at the Arts and Culture Center and Civic Centre.  Please ensure that all garbage is properly disposed of, and that personal items are stored neatly in designated spaces. 

All dance apparel and shoes should be labeled with your child’s name; if articles are lost, please check our lost and found box. Wynyard School of Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

All shoes or boots are to be removed prior to entering the dressing room or studio areas.  There is NO FOOD allowed in the studio spaces.

Please refrain from bringing nuts and nut products into the dance studio to respect students and instructors who may have nut allergies.

We recommend that your child have a thorough medical check-up prior to beginning classes.  Please discuss any health problems with the instructor which might affect your child’s dancing.

Please check the family email/text messages frequently for information about school activities and articles dealing with dance.

There are generally no classes during weeklong school breaks.   However, if a competition falls at the end of a school break there may be classes during that school break.

As a member of the Wynyard School of Dance, you will be required to commit to volunteer hours in a variety of manners over the dance year.  It is expected that each family participate in volunteer duties as assigned.  Please note that this Booklet is Appendix B of the Wynyard School of Dance Constitution